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I'm a software developer in St. Albert, Alberta.

Hello, World

September 24, 2015 # permalink

The first programming nearly everyone does is the simple “Hello, world” script. It’s instant gratification at its best. Type something into a computer, the computer spits something out. You’re a programmer!

I’ve come a long way from my “Hello, world” days, but I still learn a ton every day. This blog is my way of showing myself what I’ve learned. The cliche is that until you can explain a topic to a 10 year old, you don’t really know the topic. Consider this blog my explanation, although I doubt if you’re a 10 year old.

I’m currently in my second week of the Firehose Project bootcamp, learning Ruby on Rails, algorithms, data structures – all that I need to know to be a competent beginner programmer. I plan to cover topics that I’m learning as I go through Firehose, as well as anything incedental that I’m learning or thinking about.

Here’s to getting better!