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Ajax on Rails

February 10, 2016 # permalink

I built a small To Do application with Rails over the weekend with the goal of making it a single page application, using Ajax to handle all data updates and form submissions. A simple To Do app shouldn’t have multiple pages just to add or modify an item!

Having used Ajax with jQuery before, I had some familiarity with sending a request to the server using Ajax. When I ran into trouble, I looked to Stack Overflow, which provided advice in how to stop the normal submit method. After some further research, I found that while I could write the code to handle the Ajax request myself, I didn’t need to.

Since Rails 3, Rails includes built in Ajax helpers to handle form submissions and links, among other things. For my app, I had a form and checkboxes to submit via Ajax. As an example, all I had to do for the form was this:

<%= form_for(:todo, remote: true, url: '/todos', html: { class: 'my-form' }) do |f| %>

The key element in my form_for is remote: true. When the ERB is processed into HTML, remote: true becomes data-remote: "true", an HTML5 Global data-* attribute. Rails.js, the JavaScript portion of Rails’ Ajax helpers in jQuery-UJS, will find the data-remote element, which tells it to submit my form via Ajax instead of the browser’s normal submit method. So simple!

Equally simple were the checkboxes:

<%= check_box_tag("completed", todo.id, todo.completed,
                               data: {
                                remote: true,
                                url: url_for(action: 'update', id: todo.id),
                                method: 'PUT'}) %>

One thing to keep in mind: rails.js does not process the Ajax response from the server. It provides callback events that allow you to write code to deal with the response, but that’s up to you.

Next week, I hope to dive further into jQuery-UJS to show what is actually happening under the hood to make this magic happen. Until then, I hope you have fun submitting your forms asynchronously!