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The Computing Vision of Rob Pike

February 12, 2016 # permalink

While looking up Rob Pike1, I came across this fantastic article about his computing setup. I’m interested in how brilliant people work, eager to assimilate any useful tips into my own setup.

Rob Pike’s dream setup is much, much different from any other interviewer that I’ve read. An excerpt:

This is 2012 and we’re still stitching together little microcomputers with HTTPS and ssh and calling it revolutionary. I sorely miss the unified system view of the world we had at Bell Labs, and the way things are going that seems unlikely to come back any time soon.

I want no local storage anywhere near me other than maybe caches. No disks, no state, my world entirely in the network. Storage needs to be backed up and maintained, which should be someone else’s problem, one I’m happy to pay to have them solve.

This one is worth reading and revisiting, if only for a glimpse of a future that seems magical.

  1. I don’t believe we’re related. He’s currently a Distinguished Engineer at Google working on Go and previously of Bell Labs