Hi, I'm

Jonathan Pike đź‘‹

I'm a software developer in St. Albert, Alberta.

📧: jonathan.d.s.pike@gmail.com


I love the web and want to make it better by building great things.


Senior Software Engineer September 2020 - Present


GoDaddy acquired SkyVerge in September 2020. Currently building pieces of the WordPress Ecommerce solution.

Senior Software Engineer Jun 2017 - September 2020


I built Jilt, email marketing software built for eCommerce.

My Accomplishments:
  • Lead the development of import/export systems with a focus on data flexibility.
  • Built out a GraphQL API to support a React frontend using GraphQL-Ruby.
  • Got to work with a complex Elasticsearch installation that drove a custom email segmentation engine.
  • Took ownership of the Angular-based email editor and was responsible for all new feature requests and bug fixes.

Full Stack Rails Developer May 2016 - Jun 2017


I built TeamWorks, a time and attendance application for small to medium businesses.

My Accomplishments:
  • Lead the development of a dashboard for internal teams to provide insight into app usage and inform future product development using Vue.js in a Rails Engine.
  • Eliminated manual sales processes by creating an onboarding process for new customers and integrated with Stripe for online payments.
  • Chief architect of the new timecards and scheduling modules, implementing Rails conventions for easier maintenance.
  • Developed a testing protocol and built a test suite using Minitest and Capybara. Configured GitLab CI to run the test suite with each commit.

Wills and Estates Law Clerk Nov 2011 - May 2016

Sanguinetti + associates

With no prior training, I obtained a level of professionalism and proficiency in just 6 months at this boutique legal practice, preparing Wills, Powers of Attorney, and a variety of Court documents for Estate Administration.

My Responsibilities:
  • Practiced effective time management and multitasking to guarantee timely completion of work, meeting deadlines and maintaining high quality of work.
  • Communicated with clients in a professionally friendly manner on a day-to-day basis in person and over the phone, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Drafted and proofread legal documents of varying complexity, unsupervised and with minimal instruction, demonstrating excellent attention to detail.

Education and Professional Development

Programming Bootcamp Sept - Dec 2015

The Firehose Project

Became a capable software developer in this intensive 15-week program, able to break complex problems into more manageable problems. I gained experience with the following tools of the trade:

  • Built basic CRUD Rails apps following standard Rails conventions (without using scaffolding), involving mailers, validations, image uploading on AWS S3, and nested RESTful routes.
  • Implemented tests with Minitest’s Test::Unit syntax for unit and functional tests.
  • Worked through traditional computer science algorithms and data structure challenges:
    • Graph search (depth-first & breadth-first).
    • Linked lists with basic Ruby classes.
    • Stacks and queues in Ruby.
    • Reversed linked lists (both with a recursive solution with mutation, and a solution that leverages stack-like properties of linked lists).
    • Floyd’s algorithm (tortoise & hare) to detect cycles within a linked list.

Capstone Project Nov - Dec 2015

The Firehose Project

Built a Ruby on Rails chess web application, working on a remote team of 5 developers, that enforces the rules of chess, including preventing users moving into check and support for castling and en passant. View the GitHub repository and the app running in production on Heroku.

My Accomplishments:
  • Wrote the business logic for determining if the game is in the state of check and checkmate.
  • Uncovered, tracked down, and resolved several bugs in both our Ruby and Javascript code, including an intermittent bug that prevented movement of some pieces. See Pull Request 1 and Pull Request 2 on GitHub.
  • Followed test-driven development, Agile and SCRUM methodologies, and had frequent code reviews and pair programming sessions. Held accountable for my performance by Travis Johnson, a devops engineer at true[X], who led the team.

Honours Bachelor of Arts with Distinction 2006-2010

University of Toronto

Double Major: Management
 and Political Science

GPA: 3.30

Mathematical and Computational Sciences Honour Roll 2009 - 2010

University of Toronto

Technical Skills

What I know:

  • Ruby, Rails
  • Redis
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript
  • HTML
  • CSS3, Sass
  • Postgresql
  • Git

What I'm learning:

  • PHP
  • Elasticsearch